Sick Of It All

Sick Of It All


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Sick Of It All

Support: All For Nothing

Living legends are revered for good reason. They are proof of an ideal. They are roots from which future generations grow. When New York City leading lights SICK OF IT ALL formed in 1986, they had no idea they’d be here today, continuing to release spirited, revolution-calling hardcore. Almost three decades in the making, the New Yorkers show no signs of slowing down, getting soft, or toning down their stand-proud mentality on new album, “Last Act of Defiance”. Marked by 14 anthems of heartful, no-holds-barred hardcore, the group’s 10th full-length is an album only SICK OF IT ALL could make.

  • 19:30 zaal open
    20:00 All For Nothing
    21:00 Sick Of It All
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