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Alberta Balsam Live AV


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Alberta Balsam, a Rotterdam-based Dutch DJ, producer, and live act, presents a live AV show that fuses electronic rhythms and 3D visuals. Created in collaboration with visual artist Timaeus, this show explores themes of unchecked growth and reproduction and accompanies her upcoming album, One Way Trip to Gaia, due at the end of September.

The show is a journey, inviting you into an imagined world where the lines between humans and nature dissolve and intertwining electro, breaks, ambient, and pop elements. The visuals, enhanced by a unique inflatable and lighting design by Zalán Szakács, urge you to think about the implications of rapid population growth and address the reproductive issues women face, along with the inevitable choices it forces them to make.

Throughout the show, you are transported to a futuristic alternative reality where alien biology and symbiotic relationships suggest new ways of living together. The combination of Alberta Balsam's electronic soundscapes with Timaeus's 3D visuals creates an immersive experience, transporting you to a different reality and suggesting alternative ways of living together with nature.

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