Arty Party

Arty Party

Work from this year's art graduates

MILK, Max, Upstairs, Expo, Cinema, OZ

Price € 8,50

Free for We Are Public & Subbacultcha!

Please note: this event has already taken place

Arty Party

Work from this year's art graduates

Le1f, Countess Malaise & Zgjim

After an extraordinary first edition of Arty Party, Melkweg Expo is aiming for the stars! Again we assembled our Arty Party troops and send them out all over the country to scout the most exceptional and surprising art at the graduation shows. Friday July 27 we will present the future of art in every corner of Melkweg. And don’t forget: Art = Party, so spot young talent whilst having a drink, chatting with your friends and dancing the night away. ARTY PARTY provides art presentations, speed dates with talent scouts, talks by The Construction Club (Voordekunst) and tunes by Subbacultcha!

With a live show of  Le1f , Countess Malaise and Zgjim!
Check out the timetable!

Urban Resort is also there tonight, to tell you everything about their ateliers and creative spaces. Looking for a atelier within a creative community? Go talk to them!

Bring your portfolio to ARTY PARTY and get a speed date with one of our talent scouts:
Fleur Schoonhoven - Young Stedelijk
Valentijn Byvanck, Anne Ruygt, Bertan Selim & Marian Cousijn - Marres, Huis voor Hedendaagse Cultuur
Nadîja Broekhart - Roodkapje Rotterdam
Merel de Kok - Galerie Bart
Fenne Saedt en Ellis Kat - Mister Motley
Lisanne van Happen - FOTODOK
Docus van der Made - Witte de With
Manus Groenen - Kunsthuis SYB
Rebecca Fertinel - New Dawn
Priscilla Macintosh - Heesterveld Creative Community

Andreas van der mast, Bernd Jan Huiskes, Carolina Burandt, Debbie Schoone, Elena Giolo, Gijs Velsink, Hanane El Ouardani, Juan Pablo Mejía, Lars van de grift & Manuela Rosso, Lex Chen, Lianne van Roekel, Lieselot Elzinga, Lotte van Eijk, Lucia Koevoets, Marc Elisabeth, Marieke Gielens, Maya van Wingerden, Meret Zimmermann, Mikki Sindhunata, Morena Bamberger, Niko Lee Gail & Joppe Blonk, Paul Nieboer, Pietro Bulfoni, Rena Jansen, Sander Hagelaar, Sandra Filippine, Sveva de Valk, Tessa van der Heijden, Carlijn Voorneveld, Timo Demollin, Wietske Flederus, Wilco van der Leeuw and the C-Section: Suzanne Alberts, Fatima Beker, Renée Bus, Lisanne van Brakel, Lotte van Gestel, Deen Karreman, Meike Kurella, Bob KvH, Dagmar Marent, Max van de Meulengraaf, Ian Skirvin, Marko Štetić, Melissa van Venrooij, Jesse Verweijen, Shelby Visser, Josine Vissers, Kevin de Vries, Mirjam Withaar, Liridon Xhema, Zsa Zsa.

New York queer rapper Le1f is coming to ARTY PARTY! This fun-loving party boy with a deep voice is known for his unique and subversive musical and performance styles. And he sure knows how to throw a party

With an established presence in Iceland’s underground rap scene, Countess Malaise’s high-energy performances have already gotten her the pleasure of performing at such events as Secret Solstice festival, and is a welcome addition to lineups at alternative venues across Europe. Countess Malaise’s refusal to conform and her powerful live performances make this rising talent one to watch.

Big shout out to our talent scouts from:
De Appel, Fotodok, Framer Framed, Galerie Bart, Heesterveld Creative Community, Kunsthuis Syb, Marres, Mister Motley, New Dawn, Roodkapje, Sexyland, This Art Fair, Tubelight Magazine, Unfair, Vriend van Bavink, Witte de With