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American pop sensation Ashnikko is coming to The Netherlands this Fall, for an exclusive show at Melkweg! Get instantly transported to a hyper, horny, whimsical universe where emotions are dramatised, gender stereotypes are disrupted, and revenge reigns supreme. A free-spirited place where emotions are dramatized, gender stereotypes are disrupted and revenge reigns supreme.

From the demonic brat rap of early singles like “Halloweenie” and “STUPID (ft. Yung Baby Tate)” to the lurid alt-pop of viral hits “Daisy” and “Slumber Party (ft. Princess Nokia)”, an ever-evolving sound is anchored by a cheeky humour and subversive personality that couldn’t belong to anyone else.

Her debut album "WEEDKILLER" arrives this summer on June 2nd, introducing an imaginative work that finds light in enduring darkness – featuring a collection of irresistible songs that perfect the bold, genre-blending sound that has defined Ashnikko’s work to date.

On Sunday, Nov. 26 we welcome the self-proclaimed weedkiller will come to Amsterdam to perform at Melkweg. Ticket sales start Friday, March 10 at 10:00 a.m.CET.