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While the world was on fire, Beachdog spent the past two years getting ready until it was time, and that time is now. Finally, there is a new loud rock band with enough accessible songs to appeal to a large audience. An audience that has missed going wild in sweaty halls with friends, fists in the air.

David Achter de Molen became known as the lead singer of John Coffey. This Dutch punk/hardcoreband released three albums, toured from Russia to the USA and played an infinite amount of clubs and festivals in Europe. After ten years John Coffey stopped on their peak and David withdrew himself from making music. Years of presenting radio and making podcasts followed, but something started itching again. After three years it was time to go back to making music. He found one of the most talented Dutch guitarists in Ruben Lisman, and they wrote songs together for a year. They then found the rest of the band in the hardcore scene from the south of the

A first 7” ('Crawl in Pieces') was released in November on Snowstar Records and presents a sound that goes from grunge to punk to post-hardcore. Two songs that are reminiscent of Basement and Touché Amoré, but also of Foo Fighters and Soundgarden. A sound that fills a gap in the Dutch band scene that had to be filled for years. This sound had to be made and these frustrations had to be sung out loud, whether it's about the dairy industry or religion. But above all, the Beachdog audience should
walk away from a show wanting more. With the end of our global pandemic hopefully near and an album to be released in April, Beachdog is ready to bring back what we've all been missing; an old fashioned punk show!

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