Black Uhuru

Black Uhuru


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Dit programma is eerder verplaatst van 23 juni 2020 naar 19 juni 2021 en 18 juni 2022, maar kan wegens een gewijzigd tourschema ook op de nieuwe datum geen doorgang vinden en het is helaas niet gelukt een nieuwe vervangende datum te vinden. Het wordt daarom afgelast. Kaartkopers ontvangen per mail bericht over de verdere afwikkeling van gekochte tickets.

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Black Uhuru

Black Uhuru from Kingston Jamaica is one of the oldest and most legendary reggae bands from Jamaica, known for countless reggae hits like 'Sinsemilla', 'Sponji Reggae', 'Shine Eye Gal', 'Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner' and 'What Is Life?'. The band was originally founded in 1972 by singer Derrick "Duckie" Simpson with the Swahili word for ‘freedom’ in the name and was the first reggae band that won a Grammy. Over the years the line-up has changes multiple times and big names like Don Carlos, Garth Dennis, Michael Rose, Sandra "Puma" Jones, Junior Reid and of course Sly & Robbie contributed to the legacy. Since 1996, Duckie Simpson has been performing with Andrew Bees and Elsa Green and they recently released the new album 'New Day', together with the band Dharma and producer King Hopeton, in honour of the band's 50th anniversary!

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