Dinosaur Jr.

Dinosaur Jr.


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Dit programma kan vanwege de maatregelen rondom het coronavirus geen doorgang vinden op 3 april 2022. Het programma is daarom verplaatst naar 28 oktober 2022 in Q-Factory op Atlantisplein 1. Kaarten blijven geldig voor deze nieuwe datum, kaartkopers ontvangen per mail meer informatie over wat te doen bij verhindering op deze nieuwe datum.

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Dinosaur Jr.

Dinosaur Jr. were largely responsible for returning lead guitar to indie rock and, along with their peers Pixies, they injected late-'80s alternative rock with monumental levels of pure guitar noise. As the group's career progressed, they broke into three distinctive acts: the indie years of the original trio, a '90s spent on major labels where the band was mostly a solo vehicle for ' songwriting and guitar wizardry, and a surprisingly strong reunion of the original lineup beginning in 2006. Each phase produced distinctively monumental work, from the noisy squall of 1987's -released You're Living All Over Me to the insular slacker rock of 1991's Green Mind to the distortion-drenched pop of 2009's Farm. April last year saw the release of their now 12th album Sweep It Into Space, co-produced by Kurt Vile. We’re stoked that the critically acclaimed record is backed by a tour again as well, including Amsterdam!

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