Hot Water Music / Boysetsfire

Hot Water Music / Boysetsfire


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Hot Water Music / Boysetsfire

Guests: Samiam / Be Well

A punk night of the highest order! The name Hot Water Music makes many a punk heart beat faster. Formed in 1993, the beloved post-hardcore band from Gainesville, Florida, stopped in 2006 and continued as The Draft without iconic vocalist Chuck Ragan. Other projects also followed while frontman Chuck Ragan worked on his solo career - on May 4, he will also be performing solo again at the OZ - but in the meantime, blood just creeps where it can't go and Hot Water Music also occasionally plays shows together again!

This time they get on the bus with their pals from BoySetsFire. In 2007, this band said goodbye to its fans, but since 2010 the American post-hardcore band is back. That they are one of the best bands of their genre and their politically charged mix of punk and rock is still relevant, the band proves again and again. To make this ultimate punk night complete, Samiam and Be Well are also coming along!

The American emocore band Samiam formed in 1988 in Berkeley, California. But only really broke through after the album Astray, which came out in 2000. And this band also struggled to stay together, it seems like a theme this evening, but they kept on touring. This led to the recording of two more albums, after which it seemed quiet again around the band. In December 2019, Samiam announced on their Facebook page that they were working on their first studio album in at least a decade; that album is still up in the air...

Opening the evening is Baltimore-based Be Well, featuring (former) members of Bane, Only Crime, Darkest Hour and Converge, among others. In late 2019, the band released their debut album, The Weight and the Cost, on Equal Vision.

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