I Love My Muslim

I Love My Muslim


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I Love My Muslim

Documentary makers Marjolein Busstra and Rebekka van Hartskamp proudly present their newest film I <3 My Muslim in Melkweg Cinema. The film tells the story of the Dutch, converted to the Islam, Carla and her thirty year younger Libyan husband Fouad. On the one side the film shows the everyday life of this remarkable couple in Amsterdam, and on the other side it draws on a personal view on the troubles in the Middle-East and the reactions on it from the Dutch society. 

About I 899bec74-34cb-4471-86e4-7a74e13a36b4.jpg My Msulim

Carla, a 62-year-old woman from the north of Amsterdam, converts to Islam for Fouad, a 33-year-old Libyan freedom fighter. Carla, with her Amsterdam’s no-nonsense attitude, breaks through the tension that is present within the Islam and Muslims. The young Fouad laughs about his unconventional wife, but also struggles with her opinionated behavior. 

  • Director
    Marjolein Busstra
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