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Supports: Breathe Atlantis / Our Mirage

Imminence was founded in 2010 in Trelleborg / Malmö by singer Eddie, guitarist Harald, drummer Peter and bass player Max. The then teenagers embraced all styles ofmusic, from metalcore to acoustic music and toured a lot. Over the years, the band has become one of Sweden's most promising acts. In their search for a new sound, the band returned to their roots and integrated that with various elements from both alternative and popular genres with undiluted emotions and sound explosions. They take a huge step forward and "This Is Goodbye" clearly marks a new era for the band, ready to take their spot in the alternative / pop arena.

  • 19:00 zaal open
    19:30 Our Mirage
    20:15 Breathe Atlantis
    21:15 Imminence
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Imminence - Up [Official Video]

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