Mad Caddies

Mad Caddies


Price € 23*


Dit is het verplaatste programma van 6 augustus 2020. Kaarten en lidmaatschappen blijven geldig voor de nieuwe datum. Kaartkopers ontvangen per mail meer informatie over wat te doen indien ze verhinderd zijn op deze nieuwe datum.

* Excl. € 4 (month)/€ 25 (year) required membership.

Mad Caddies

The Californian Mad Caddies play infectious ska and punk with reggae, dixie, jazz, polka en hillbilly influences, in every tempo you can imagine. Since the beginning of the millennium the guys are regular guests at the Melkweg and their shows are always very energetic, festive and infectious. The band is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a big tour, including of course our OZ! 

  • The timetable will be listed here as soon as it is complete.
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Mad Caddies - Let It Go (Official Video)

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