Moonspell / Rotting Christ

Moonspell / Rotting Christ


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Moonspell / Rotting Christ

+ Silver Dust

The Portuguese doom goth metal quintet Moonspell has been fearing many people for more than 25 years. The charismatic frontman and singer Fernando Ribeiro, guitarist Ricardo Amorim, keyboard player Pedro Paixão, bassist Sérgio Crestana and drummer Mike Gaspar take their fans, armed with a creative mix of history and metal, on a stormy 'trip down memory lane'.

The band returns to Europe together with their Greek brothers Rotting Christ. Rotting Christ is one of the most influential metal bands in Greece. Their origin gives their dark extreme metal sound a particularly Mediterranean touch. The band has always been the subject of controversy because of their name, 

and although they take an unwavering anti-Christian position, their lyrics are mostly centered around occultism and mythology, rather than Satanism. Let yourself be sucked into these theatrical shows! The Melkweg was never so dark.

  • 18:30 Zaal open
    19:00 Silver Dust
    20:15 Rotting Christ
    21:30 Moonspell
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Rotting Christ

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