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Opening - Rox Klijn


Please note: this event has already taken place

    On Friday, July 5th, we will open our new MILK Solo 'VEL' by Rox Klijn. 

    Rox Klijn delves into themes of identity, transformation, and connection in the exhibition ‘VEL’ The metaphor of shedding old skin represents transformation and self-discovery in Rox's work. They explore the delicate balance between autonomy and surrender, and the ongoing quest for genuine connection with others without losing oneself. ‘Where do I end and where do you begin?’ is the question Rox seeks to answer through their imagery. Their photography serves as a medium to pose profound questions about body, gender, and sexuality, highlighting the ever-present nature of change in life.

    This event has been made possible by the Mondriaan Fund. 

    During the opening of this exhibition, there will also be a performance by Sarjon Azouz (they/he/she). Sarjon is a show girl, conceptual performer and an audio/visual artist working with vanity as a research space in identity politics. A novelist without novels, they create and perform an excessive amount of alter egos and characters with many different story arcs and urgencies, in time writing their own narratives in various contexts of nightlife, online platforms, museums, clubs and contemporary art spaces.

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