Poets Of The Fall

Poets Of The Fall


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Poets Of The Fall

The music of the Finnish alternative rock band Poets of the Fall is a unique mix of pop, rock and metal. Their success starts in 2004 when their single 'Late Goodbye' is used as soundtrack in a popular video game. The track ends up on the number one position in the Finnish charts and then it goes fast with the career of this band. In Finland they belong to the absolute top of the contemporary rock scene and the rest of Europe is also under the spell of Poets of the Fall. Their latest album 'Clearview' dates back to 2016 but now the band has returned to the studio to work on new songs. Their first single 'False Kings' was released in January 2018 and the full album is expected in October. 

There's no better reason to jump into the tour bus and of course they will also hit Amsterdam. 

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