Revolution XL

Revolution XL

4 Year Anniversary

Early Bird:

Prijs € 16,10



Prijs € 18,40

Lady Ticket (2x)

Prijs € 31,65

Group Ticket (4x)

Prijs € 60,40


Prijs € 25

Minimumleeftijd: 18+

Revolution XL

4 Year Anniversary

Revolution comes with a refreshing sound combined with Afrobeats, Afro Bashment, UK and Dancehall. Together with their community they ensure that they complete the evenings with a high level of vibes. With all these elements they bring a new movement: Revolution

Revolution brings you the CULTURE to Melkweg and let’s celebrate that. Let's celebrate the LOVE we have for each other, let's celebrate the UNITY we created with each other, let’s create an safe environment for everyone and let's celebrate the FREEDOM we have with each other.

“Because at Revolution we welcome you to be unapologetically yourself and for all women to feel safe"

We’re going to take you to different worlds from the UK to South Africa and from West Africa back to Jamaica. Are you ready?

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