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80's Verantwoord


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  • € 15,55 voorverkoop
  • € 18,50 deur
  • Minimum age 18+

Let’s dance! 80’s Verantwoord has been the biggest, most fun, and most colorful night packed with hits from an unforgettable era for over twenty years. Let yourself be transported back to the years of neon lights, Pac-Man, and a big head of crimped hair, complete with all those cheesy moves.

Take a tumble back in time with Bowie, Whitney, The Cure, Prince, Duran Duran, and anything else you can request. Whether you were a wild teenager back then or just discovered Kate Bush in a Stranger Things binge; 80’s Verantwoord is for everyone! Afterwards, you won't want anything other than to stop the clock, because let's face it: there's nothing like the 80’s, right?