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  • € 17,25 late
  • € 11,50 early (SOLD OUT)
  • € 14,95 regular (SOLD OUT)
  • € 20 deur
  • Minimum age 18+

Amapiano is the term used to describe South Africa's fastest-growing electronic music movement. Amapiano, which emerged in the Pretoria townships in 2016, is a medley of deep house, jazz, kwaito, and lounge music with distinct synths, airy pads, wide basslines, and percussions from another local subgenre of house known as Bacardi. The name was chosen to reflect the melodic piano keyboards that accompany the fast-paced Gqom beats. It derives from the Zulu plural article "ama" and the English noun "piano." Initially, Amapiano was thought to be just an underground sound floating around Gauteng townships' residential DJs' WhatsApps and house parties.