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20:00 Doors 21:00 Benjamin

Benjamin from Amsterdam is an up-and-coming talent who likes to draw inspiration from his everyday life. For example, he wrote his single 'Als Ik Eerder Ga' after a conversation with an old man at the flower kiosk, while 'Wolken' is based on a fun evening with someone at a party. During the pandemic, Benjamin started sharing his songs on Instagram and Tiktok, after which his number of followers increased rapidly. Not much later he signed a record deal with Noah Ark's label. Like many of his colleagues there, Benjamin is not afraid to put his lyrical focus on themes that can deeply touch the listener. Relationships, self-image and depression are subjects that are often discussed in his lyrics. While he's working on his debut EP, his single 'Donkerblauw' has been out for a while now: a promising preview of what's to come!