Mixtape: The Movie (2022)

Black Soil Film Festival


In collaboration with Team Beats and Hiphophuis, Black Soil presents an interactive live conversation prior to the film mixtape with none other than American hiphop legend, game changer and producer of groundbreaking hiphop classics; Pete Rock, in which he discusses the 10 MCs of all time in his own personal hiphop Pantheon. Which 10 MCs in hiphop history have been the most important game changers, according to this hiphop legend?

How did these unique MCs inspire and influence Pete Rock's own evolution as one of hiphop's greatest producers? What was their most important contribution to the evolution of hiphop music and culture? How did they influence storytelling, artistic style and approach to content, rhythm and flow, as well as musical evolution in general? What was and is the creative process like, working with some of hip-hop culture's greatest voices? Pete Rock's experience and vision as one of the leading and pioneering hiphop producers of all time, provides him with a distinctive perspective on the evolution of some of hip-hop game's most crucial MCs. With his classic solo work, his repertoire with Pete Rock & CL Smooth, his groundbreaking instrumental album series and - "Another Pete Rock Remix" - his many classic remixes, he helped lay the foundation of what hip-hop is today. He has worked with everyone from Biggie to Nas, Kanye to Dilla, Public Enemy to Mary J. Blige, and Smoke DZA to Westside Gunn. Come and witness hip-hop history with a true legend.