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Blaudzun, nom-de-plume of Johannes Sigmond, echoes uplifting indie rock and pop, with poetic lyrics and his melancholic voice. This distinctive sound has earned the songwriter national attention in recent years, resulting in sold-out club shows at our MAX amongst others. Busier than ever, the singer has been anything but quiet recently. Last March, he released the impressive project 'The Waste Land', a soundtrack for the documentary about T.S. Eliot's world-famous poem.

Friday 3 May sees the release of new single 'Shades', produced with indie rock veteran and Moss frontman Marien Dorleijn. The song is a precursor to his seventh studio album 'Latter Days', to be released on 18 October, and is a delightful pop song with recognisable 80s bass synths, lyrics full of zest for life, and an inescapable melody.  

On 9 February, Blaudzun and his six-member band will return for a show in our MAX hall!