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Bruin Jackson

Cowboy van de Jordaan - Album Release


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With a quirky sound and unpredictable moves, Bruin Jackson - alter ego of multidisciplinary artist Bruin Parry - is ready to take the world by storm! Get ready for an unforgettable evening, where Bruin will present his debut album, “Cowboy van de Jordaan'. His music is a unique blend of styles, marked by a hefty dose of autotune and lyrics ranging from Bassie and Adriaan to sexy ladies and his beloved grandmother. During the live show you will be taken into a world without borders, with different acts, video clips and above all: a big party.

Bruin Jackson doesn't build that party alone! Together with his manager Hannah van der Heide and producer Mario Davidson, he brought this special album to life. Moreover, he collaborated with various artists, including Abel van Gijlswijk (Burning Fik), Alma Mathijsen and Donny Ronny. You can expect some of them during the album release at Melkweg. Will we see you there?

Pay-what-you-can: We ask visitors to contribute according to their financial capacity, so that the program is accessible to all.