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Jeroen Kramer

Album Release Party


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20:00 Zaal Open 20:30 Jeroen Kramer

These days, Jeroen Kramer we know mainly from the 'Sinterklaas news', but he is also a singer-songwriter and this evening, for the first time, he will play his songs with his five-piece band! Because he has something to celebrate: the release of his new album Na de Storm. Na de Storm is a beautiful collection of quirky (Dutch-language) songs through which Jeroen Kramer takes the listener on a tour of his inner and outer world; a world entirely of his own, in which the audience nevertheless surprisingly often encounters himself. Sex, money, love, the turbulent world stage, death - you name it - we all have to deal with it. Special guests are singer Leoni Jansen - she sings a duet with Jeroen - and Carel Kraayenhof, who graces two songs with his enchanting bandoneon. Moving ballads, stomping rock, cheerful nonsense and comforting reflections - for the first time in a five-piece formation. There may be dancing and there may be crying - nothing must, everything is possible!