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Jet van der Steen + Lola Cedès


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  • € 11,50
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20:00 Doors 20:30 Lola Cedès 21:45 Jet van der Steen

Jet van der Steen and Lola Cedès join their talents for a unique performance in the Melkweg!

Known for her directness and honest approach, Jet has managed to reach a large audience through TikTok, where she likes to share her stories through catchy Dutch-language pop songs with a bit of spice. Her debut EP 'Through my eyes' not only earned her praise, but also a spot in the acclaimed Popronde 2022 and supporting acts for artists such as Blanks and MEAU.

Lola Cedès, a quirky singer-songwriter from Zeist, finds her inspiration in nature. She creates an intimate atmosphere in which her audience can connect with the beauty of the forest, the starry sky and the changing seasons. Her energetic and danceable performances are meant to be a space where everyone can drop their mask and be authentic.

Together, Jet and Lola promise an enchanting evening full of powerful performances. With the enchanting sounds of Lola's debut EP 'Stella Nova' and Jet's debut EP 'Door Mijn Ogen', it promises to be an evening you don't want to miss!