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Joost van Bellen Gaat Door: Lynks & WaqWaq Kingdom

Amsterdam Dance Event

Lynks (live) / WaqWaq Kingdom (live) / Joost van Bellen


  • Price:
  • € 22,15 voorverkoop
  • € 25,90 Deur

The timetable will be listed here as soon as it is complete

After a year of fabulous club nights, Joost van Bellen Gaat Door is back at ADE with a LIVE special. Lynks, the drag monster from Bristol brings tongue-in-cheek queer bangers. Their EPs are full of smashing electropop hits with a tasty raw edge. Joined by Japanese bass duo WaqWaq Kingdom, consisting of Kiki Hitomi and Shigeru Ishihara (A.K.A the legendary noise maker DJ Scotch Egg), this night promises to be just that little bit weirder that's often missing in nightlife. Exactly the type of feeling Joost looks for in his curation. Expect nothing and let it all wash over you on the dance floor!