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KD Soundsystem 'Next Level'

Album Release Show


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Multiheaded partymonster, KD Soundsystem takes you on a musical journey all over the world with their own productions rooted in dancehall, brazilian funk and afrobeats.DJ/producers The Teacher & Addik forming the backbone of a crew where hypeman MC Power, lead-vocalist Zoë, Samira (the twerktherapist) and energy bomb MC Djinti coming together in a massive, full on energy show. Dancing, singing, MC-ing, DJ-ing, KD Soundsystem is the energy you need on stage.In the coming months KD works towards the release of their second album and with the success of their last one in mind (sold-out Paradiso show and touring Europe, UK, West-Africa, Jamaica and Brazil) only excitement about the future is in place.It's One love, One nation, One colourful collaboration