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Leah Kate

The Super Over Tour

support: Hunter Daily / Ceara Cavalieri


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Confident, unfiltered, and  an 'IDGAF attitude,' we're talking about Leah Kate. The American pop singer gained prominence when her break-up song '10 Things I Hate About You' went viral on TikTok. This cheeky yet emotional track helped her overcome a difficult breakup. "At one point, I decided to list everything I hated about him to help me move on." In September, Leah released her debut album 'Super Over,' in which she describes the love-hate relationship with her ex-lovers through various tracks, whom she also refers to as 'fuckboys,' as evident in her track 'Bad Taste.' Dealing with heartbreak too? Or just in the mood to let loose? Check out this new pop sensation in our OZ this coming year!