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London's Musical Diaspora: Short Films co-curated by Soursop


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London's music scene owes a large part of its uniqueness to its immigrant population. For well over a century, immigrants have arrived in London and brought different musical tastes and ideas that have resulted in countless influential genres. From grime to garage and dub to drill.

In this series of shorts documentaries and music films we explore the impact immigrants and diasporas have had on music in London, and how their contributions help make the city what it is.

Soursop is a creative consultancy focused on culture. They work with brands such as Gucci, Nike, Ray-Ban, The Guardian and Boiler Room. Soursop’s founders previously worked at i-D, Dazed and Channel 4 in London, and have made work with Bjork, Willow Smith, James Franco, Marina Ambramovic, The Daniels and Ai Wei Wei.