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19:30 Doors 20:30 Madrigal

The Turkish band Madrigal was founded in 2007 in Kocaeli by childhood friends Ceyhun Kaan Karakaş and Kaan Alıcı. The band was later completed with Emre Zeytinci and Ulaş Saka. Where they once started playing covers, in 2015 they decided to release their first song 'Why Diye Sorma'. After their first EP, they received good feedback and their fan base started to form.

In 2019, the band started experimenting by incorporating the indie genre into their music. Their first effort was the song 'Butterflies'. 'Butterflies' was very popular with their fans. The band continues to experiment with indie music. With the track 'Seni Dert Etmeler' the indie electronic sound is combined with the first Turkish oriental melodies.