Maruf: Queer in the Margins


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    Join us for an empowering and thought-provoking event, "Queer in the Margins," where we will shed light on the experiences of queer individuals who belong to minority groups within the queer community. This event will specifically focus on queer people of color and/or religion, who often face intersecting forms of discrimination and marginalization.

    "Queer in the Margins" aims to create a safe and inclusive space for dialogue, understanding, and celebration of the unique experiences and perspectives of these individuals. Through a series of insightful discussions, personal stories, and interactive sessions, we will delve into the current state of affairs for queer people of color and/or religion, exploring the challenges they face and their visions for the future.

    Together, we will explore the complex intersections of race, ethnicity, religion, and queerness, highlighting the importance of recognizing and embracing diversity within the queer community. Through engaging conversations and shared experiences, we hope to foster greater empathy, solidarity, and allyship.

    Key Topics to be Explored:

    • Intersectionality: Unpacking the multiple layers of discrimination faced by queer people of color and/or religion.
    • Challenges and Resilience: Sharing personal stories of navigating intersecting identities and overcoming adversity.
    • Cultivating Inclusion: Exploring strategies to create more inclusive spaces and address systemic barriers within the queer community.
    • Building Bridges: Identifying opportunities for collaboration and allyship between different minority communities.
    • Envisioning the Future: Discussing aspirations, hopes, and strategies for a more equitable and inclusive future for queer people of color and/or religion.

    This event is open to everyone who wishes to learn, engage, and support the experiences of queer individuals who belong to marginalized communities within the queer spectrum. Let us come together to celebrate diversity, promote understanding, and work towards a future where every queer person feels valued, affirmed, and empowered in their unique identities.

    This event is part of Pride & Prejudice. Discover more here!