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Maximo Park


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Maxïmo Park is a Britpop group from Newcastle, formed in 2000. The band immediately stood out thanks to their sharp and energetic songs, oncorporating catchy hooks and post-punk influences. Their 2005 debut album "A Certain Trigger" garnered rave reviews in the indie scene, and commercial success with hits like "Apply Some Pressure" and "Graffiti". Subsequent records echoed themes such as city life, relationships but also personal introspection. In those nearly 25 years, they stayed true to their signature sound, which is still loved today.  

Their brand new single 'Favourite Songs' is their tribute to the power of pop music and its ability to provide comfort in times of need, a place to retreat to with like-minded people. Shocking riffs, shimmering synths and a driving chorus make 'Favourite Songs' a song of collective joy, while vocalist Paul Smith's reassurance that "all our problems will fade away" echoes in elation. After seven years, it's high time for a return to Melkweg, with this time a show in our OZ!