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Michael Marcagi

support: Judy Blank


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Leave it to Michael Marcagi to take you out of your comfort zone! His heartwarming Top40 hit "Scared To Start" is about daring to take risks in life and in love. On the anticipated new track, which has received an overwhelmingly positive response on TikTok, bright guitar echoes through a steady tambourine-driven beat. Marcagi’s dynamic delivery takes hold on the verses, while his storytelling immediately transfixes.

“‘Scared to Start’ is a song for the adventurers, the travelers, and the people who look forward without dwelling on the uncertainties of life,” Marcagi says of the track. “It's about taking the risks and putting yourself out of your comfort zone, regardless of what the rest of the world has to say”.

 On Monday, April 29, the singer from Ohio will come to the Netherlands for an intimate performance in our OZ hall!

Support: Judy Blank
Dutch singer-songwriter Judy Blank will be supporting this evening, with breathtaking indiefolk. Judy's most recent EP, ‘Saddies’, has added a whole new layer of vulnerability to her artistry. Each song describes a relatable struggle and encapsulates it in its own universe, with a hint of self-mockery and plenty of party favors.