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MILK SOLO: Thijs Zweers - Second Nature


Please note: this event has already taken place

    11:00 - 19:00 Openingstijden MILK Café

    Thijs Zweers (1986) graduated from the Artez art academy (Arnhem, Netherlands) in 2010. Since then he has focused on a very special translation of digital images into detailed pastel drawings accompanied by light installations. This almost anachronistic act produces intriguing images of a reality that Zweers experiences as autonomous. While the digital world is a product of humanity, the individual now has little to no influence on its operation. He or she is subject to the laws and appearance of this alternate reality.

    The pastel drawings themselves resemble extensive studies by an internet biologist. If one assumes that everything that is put online remains online - and that everything online is connected to everything - one can see the digital world as an autonomous biotope. A domain in which a continuous dialectical process creates a whole that the individual 'user' only fleetingly perceives. Zweers' impressions of these weightless images paint a picture of a volatile world that seems so difficult to capture.