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Een VIP Tickets bestaat uit: General admission, Early Entry (1 uur voor aanvang), Early Access tot Merch (+ korting), Exclusieve VIP Laminate, Individuele Meet & Greet met NEFFEX inclusief foto en handtekening, exclusief cadeau van NEFFEX en een privé luistersessie met unrealesed music.

17:00 VIP Doors 19:30 Doors 20:00 Support 20:45 NEFFEX

Since the beginning, NEFFEX has sought to inspire people above all else. This project by vocalist/lyricist Bryce Savage (that originally included producer Cameron Wales) fueled an incredible run of releasing 100 original songs in 100 weeks. This unique, copyright-free music approach caught the attention of thousands of content creators across the web. The material issued as part of this challenge mixed EDM, rap, bass and other genres. Highlights include hit singles “Rumors” and "Fight Back" with 500+ million streams to date and a sold out European Tour. The continued growth of what NEFFEX calls "a youthful movement for freedom’” has led to 4+ billion streams, millions of listeners, and a cult fan-base growing by thousands daily.