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Europe Tour 2023


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19:30 Zaal open 20:30 Pinhani

Pinhani has been considered one of the country's most extraordinary bands since its inception, in part because of their unique attitude on and off the stage. While they always exceed all expectations, they are never shy about going for the unexpected. They play everywhere, even in the most remote Turkish cities, and because of this, their music is an eclectic fusion of traditional musical styles from all regions. In the process, they don't turn a hand to adding a good dose of rock. Pinhani achieved their first success when a song from their first album became the soundtrack to a famous Turkish TV series. Their second album was so well received that they regularly performed in front of sold-out venues in major concert halls.

While building their following by performing as much as possible, the band also continuously produced new music. By using traditional melodies and rhythms and turning them into something completely new, they released eight albums and 15 singles. With their latest album "Küçük Bir Evde" and their latest hit singles "Dünyadan Uzak" and "Bilir O Beni," Pinhani continues to build their fan base.