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20:00 Doors 21:00 PRIMAAT

Razor-sharp Dutch-language raps, funky brass instruments and jazzy keys; these are the characteristics of the eight-piece, energetic band Primate from Overijssel. Originated from the 'Monkey Jams' that were held in the region, this band is actually a kind of logical consequence of the musician community Colored Monkeys. Via this community, Primate has already managed to record a number of live video clips in the so-called 'Monkey HQ' studio. Infectious musicality, coupled with a sometimes even theatrical appearance, was the result of these live sessions, and let that be exactly what makes this band so charismatic.

With songs like ‘Waarom Doe Je Wat Je Doet, Dude?’ and ‘Oeh Ah’, the guys from Primate know how to blow you away with their strong horn section and overwhelming energy. Although we would describe it as 'uplifting urban hip-hop funk', Primate simply calls it 'beastly good'. And that indeed covers the load 100%!