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19:30 Doors 19:30 DJ Lucky Jones 20:00 DJ Ordio O2 20:30 Rich2Gether

Rich2Gether is a hiphop collective and record label from Amsterdam who are mixing afro sounds with hiphop and rap. The name of the label says it all: the artists from Rich2Gether are on the road to find financial and spirutual richness. Some representitives of the label are BKO, Blow, Jhorrmountain and Johnny. Rich2Gether release music as a group but also individually, like Blow's 'New Chapter', his debut album that reached the top 20 Dutch album charts. As a group they released 'Doris' in 2021, an album that was inspired by and shot in Ghana. On this album you can find collabs with artists such as Frenna, Henkie T and Geechi, and also the single 'Velletjes', which has reached over ten million steams. The second album by the hiphop collective is planning to be released in November. Enough material for a sick debut show in Melkweg on December 1st!