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The Taylor & Harry Night


  • Price:
  • € 19,55 Late / Door
  • € 13,80 Early (SOLD OUT)
  • € 17,25 Regular (SOLD OUT)
  • Minimum age 16+

After unforgettable nights in Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg we are coming to Amsterdam!

When two of the biggest stars on the planet give each other a high five, the result is this unique and once in a lifetime party. This night is a tribute to two icons: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles! Yes, we are fans and are looking forward to finally celebrating tracks apart from 'I Knew You Were In Trouble' and 'As It Was' with you. When do you ever get the opportunity to hear all your favorite songs loud in a club? So we're digging deep into the work of Taylor and Harry and creating a sing-along party with you.. all night long, meaning all night you will hear songs by Taylor and Harry. Together they have over 100 singles + album songs that you don't usually hear in the club... and that's not even counting One Direction. This life is flawless, don’t you let it go!