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Vidéothèque - Video Art in Cinema


Cell (Mathilde Heuliez) / Herencia (Azul Ehrenberg) /  La Dame Au Chapeau (Telma Lemarchand)


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19:30 zaal open 20.00 start vertoningen en besprekingen 21:30 einde programma, naborrel

From observing the impact of an environment on a motionless body, to investigating the meaning of memories concealed in an inherited landscape, to exploring generational male perspectives on the notion of femininity. The first edition of Vidéothèque focuses on the broad concept that is identity: a complicated and often challenging concept that nonetheless plays a central role in our daily lives. How is identity determined? Is it a fixed attribute that is innate? Or is it mouldable, shaped over time? Whether it concerns the identity of a person or a landscape; an object or a system of beliefs; what aspects influence the way identity is defined? During this screening, we will show three compelling films created by emerging artists working in the moving image discipline. In their own way, the selected films relate to questions such as the ones mentioned above and offer each a different perspective that can help us better understand ourselves and our surroundings.

Vidéothèque is a recurring event hosted by the Melkweg Expo and Melkweg Film that focuses on the moving image discipline. Showing works that exist on the intersection of contemporary art and cinema, Vidéothèque offers a space to discover and reflect upon multiple forms of moving image. By way of a compelling and accessible programme, the event aims to introduce various artists and their work to a broad audience in order to create pathways between different art forms and different audiences. Focussing on a different topic every edition, Vidéothèque hopes to show the power of moving image and the various ways it can help us understand the complicated world around us from different perspectives. 

Curated by Daan Couzijn / Visual identity by Robuche