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Yellow Days


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19:30 Doors 19:45 Lex Fransch 20:15 Ric Wilson 21:00 Yellow Days

Yellow Days is the work of English musician George van den Broek. Yellow Days is a reference to his synethesia, the ability to see colors while listening to music. The young artist expresses these extra emotions trough multiple art forms, from the music he writes to the artwork of his albums. Last year, George released a series of EP's, each focusing on a specific sound and style. The EP 'Slow Dance & Romance' was written in his usual soul and R&B style, but on the EP 'Apple Pie' and album 'Inner Peace', George experimented with other genres such as psychedelic rock, bedroom pop and jazz-funk. He has already worked on multiple collabs with artists such as indie rapper Bishop Nehru, musical star Shirley Jones, and Mac DeMarco, the last one being one of George's biggest influences. You can get mesmerized by his talent and melancholy sound when he enters the OZ stage!