Joe Unknown proves that you don't need a guitar on stage to be punk. Armed with a laptop and a microphone, we saw him tearing down Lowlands. The highlight of our weekend, after which there was only one thing left to do: book him for Pretty Pissed.

In 2023, Joe Unknown made his debut with the mixtape 'For Better For Worse.' In short, he can be described as the ultimate blend of Sleaford Mods and The Streets, with the inexhaustible energy of Shame! But, above all, it's a formidable mix of punk and hip-hop, with a critical eye on British culture.

About Pretty Pissed

Let’s release some ANGER during PRETTY PISSED! On Saturday, May 25th, Melkweg presents "Pretty Pissed." A day filled with punk in the broadest sense of the genre, as long as it's pissed! Let yourself be carried away by the energy of shredding guitars, ruthless drums, heartfelt lyrics, and we're not afraid to embrace some electronic beats!