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The Hyperpop Experience

Umru / Petal Supply / ☁️ [fluff] / Dan1Dang3r / Lunaphage


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The PYXLS collective from Amsterdam aims to explore and amplify hyperpop inside the bold, dynamic and fast-paced Dutch electronic music scene. What is hyperpop you ask? The genre itself lays at the intersection of all music genres that have formed pop of the past, present and future. From sugary sweet pop melodies to a ridiculous mix of deafening industrial noise and disorienting genre flips. Artists like Sophie (r.i.p.), Charli XCX, Lyzza and the PC Music label were defining and popularizing the sound. 

After wonderful editions at Melkweg and Kanaal40, the next one will take place in an even bigger room! The line-up will be revealed very soon!