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unboxed x FAMIRIE

MJK / MOESHA 13 / Garnett / Deemz


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Dit programma is helaas afgelast vanwege productionele redenen. Het bedrag van aangeschafte tickets wordt automatisch teruggestort.

The third installment of unboxed is a collaboration with FAMIRIE (Surinamese for family). The Amsterdam-based collective reclaims and reframes the narrative around black music by reconnecting the diaspora and breaking down boundaries. On Saturday, May 4th, we present a strong lineup together, featuring international and local genre-blenders. Moesha 13, already an underground icon, sings, performs, DJs, and produces a unique blend of French rap, breaking all genre-boxes. MJK from the UK, a true selector, has spent time refining a style that blurs the lines between dubstep, grime, and techno. Deemz and Garnett complete the bill.