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20 jaar Pop

DeWolff / Jungle By Night / Nusantara Beat / Loupe / The Great Communicators / Sue The Night / Josephine Odhil e.a.

Max MILK OZ Upstairs

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gratis op inschrijving via RSVP uitnodigingsmail voor AHK-studenten en CVA-Pop Alumni

aanvang: 19:30 uur

What do Sue the Night, Nusantara Beat and Josephine Odhil have in common? They are all alumni of CvA Pop, the pop education of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam!

On Wednesday, October 5, CvA will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a big party at Melkweg! Join us for 'a trip down memory lane' with bands that have studied at the Pop academy over the past 20 years.

You'll see these acts anyway:

Jungle by Night / Sue the Night / Nusantara Beat / MEIS / Loupe / Josephine Odhil / Parker Fans / Carceri / The Great Communicators / Kitchenette / Schoppenheer / Swan / Klankspoor

We still owe you the last name (called 'Voldemort' for now), but we can predict: you definitely don't want to miss this one!

Sue The Night
Sue the Night made her breakthrough with the album 'Mosaic' and which brought her to Best Kept Secret, Paaspop and Zwarte Cross. They then became the house band at De Wereld Draait Door, scored mega hits on 3FM and the latest single 'Oceans (You Might Go)' receives a lot of airplay. "This single is about having an adventure, about having the courage to dive into the deep, into the unknown."


ZEP is one of the most innovative drummers of our time with millions of views on TikTok and Instagram and a solo show with which he plays all over Europe. Raised as a rock and funk drummer in bands, he performs as a one-man band in his solo career, in which he also plays keyboards, bass and guitar. Performer ZEP bounces across the stage like an energetic fireball and treats the audience to terribly tight off the grid beats, live sampling and virtuoso gospel chops.

Nusantara Beat
The six-piece band Nusantara Beat was founded in Amsterdam by a group of musicians who feel connected to their Indonesian roots and culture. The band creates tropical and mystical sounds, inspired by traditional Indonesian songs from the 20th century and at the same time brings this music to the future and was one of the highlights at Lowlands '23.

Winner of the songwriter competition Mooie Noten, OOR talent Popronde 2018, support Bazart, band member Eefje de Visser and Someone. As a third-generation De Groot, she has had her fair share of music spoon-fed to her. "Intense delivery, unimpressive charisma and a powerful presence" (De Volkskrant).MEIS will return to Melkweg in April '24 for her own 'MeisFest' release show. Tonight, a sneak peek of this show will be revealed.

ZEP is one of the most innovative drummers of our time with millions of views on TikTok and Instagram and a solo show with which he plays throughout Europe. Raised as a rock and funk drummer in bands, in his solo career he performs as a one-man band, in which he also plays keyboards, bass and guitar. Stage beast ZEP bounces across the stage like an energetic fireball, treating the audience to thick and fat, terribly tight off-the-grid beats, live sampling and virtuosic gospel chops.

Josephine Odhil
Surreal dreampop for daydreamers and adventurers. Josephine played with The Mysterons at Lowlands and Transmusicales. As Josephine Odhil she makes mysterious songs that take you to a world far away. Listen to her debut album 'Volatile'.

Parker Fans
Parker Fans is an indie pop duo from Amsterdam: Kick Kluiving and Sem Egter van Wissekerke. One is also in Teddy's Hit and Personal Trainer; the other is the beatmaker and bass player of the mighty Bob from Zuid. 'Bricks', was released in March 2023, with an EP in April.

The Great Communicators
The brainchild of Dutch songwriter Arend Dijkstra, with influences from Beck, Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem. Their second album 'The Endless Haze' pulls the listener through a house of mirrors full of unexpected twists and turns: driving drum and bass grooves, colorful and razor-sharp guitar and keyboard melodies, swinging percussion and energetic vocals.


He who must not be named.

Dutch Deathmetal band with two albums to their name: 'The Good Must Suffer The Wicked' and 'From Source To End'. They shared the stage with bands like Krisiun, Disavowed, Pyaemia, Gorefest and Cypher, played at Neurotic Deathfest and toured with Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Blood Red Throne, Sadist & Cerebral Bore.

The brainchild of Chis. O. Kikic. Twangy guitars, lush synths á la War On Drugs, Kurt Vile and Midlake. The singer/guitarist recorded the debut of Kichenette in 2018 which includes the song "Upon the Shoulders" that was well picked up. In 2020, the second album called 'Morning Pirouettes' was released. New single 'If I Can Dance, You Can Dance' is scheduled as an upcoming release!

Rapper, producer, presenter. No Balenciaga, but TikTok. Fully flat absurdist content and music, savior of the Netherlands, yes/no cult, stand up, stand, WTF!?

Integer, vulnerable, sultry and raw with soul. Swan has just released her new single "Yin Yang," on the label of - and produced by renowned Dutch producer - Perquisite. Her debut EP is scheduled for fall 2023 and is all about finding the balance between loving others and loving yourself.

The modular techno project of musician Quinten de Jongh from The Hague. With a passion for live performance, Klankspoor brings a unique blend of modular synthesis, deep bass lines, hypnotic rhythms and repetitive yet evolving melodies.