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Admiral Freebee


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Behind the roots rocker Admiral Freebee lies Antwerp native Tom Van Laere. This fall, Admiral Freebee will grace the stage at the Melkweg in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of his eponymous debut album. On this Belgian pop classic, we were first introduced to the soulful voice and captivating accompaniment of the Antwerp artist, who effortlessly balances influences from Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Nick Cave. Songs such as 'Rags ’n Run', 'Ever Present', 'Einstein Brain', and 'Mediterranean Sea' all stem from this timeless debut. It comes as no surprise, given the impressive group of musicians that Van Laere had assembled around him: Nathalie Delcroix (Laïs), Lars van Bambost (Noordkaap), Gert Bettens (K’S Choice), and Lazy Horse (Flip Kowlier).