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Change; Het nadeel van de twijfel



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  • € 10,35 regular
  • € 8,05 korting op vertoon van studentenpas
  • Excl. € 4 (month)/€ 25 (year) required membership.

19:00 Doors 19:30 Show

"Change – Het nadeel van de twijfel" is organized by Ruben Alvarez Solano, Nina Ouattara and Axel Limbeek, three students graduating from the conservatory of Amsterdam this year. Expect an evening filled with compelling melancholy to energetic pop bursts. All acts shine a spotlight on themes of growth and self-reflection in a bittersweet atmosphere. In any case, don't hesitate to take in this wonderful experience.


The Amsterdam-based indie rock formation Loupe possesses the unique ability to sound both frantic and mesmerizing at the same time. Impulsive yet thrilling: a fluid sound where styles such as synth-pop, alternative folk, and indie rock manifest in distinctive ways. Nina's warm soulful voice, Annemarie's smooth, aerodynamic grooves, Lana's melodic bass lines, and Abel's dynamic, virtuosic play together form a sort of secret language.

Kaya is a music artist based around the words and sounds of Juyane Kaya. In the form of an experimental three-piece band, Kaya creates a bittersweet ocean filled with songs about love, depression, ego, family and religion. She taught herself to swim alone in deep waters and has built a home within “The Belly of the Whale”. A place where her songs can provide comfort to her audience and make everybody a drop less lonely.

The name itself, derived from the phrase 'L'art m'attend', which is French for 'art awaits me', reflects Nina’s deep connection to artistic expression. Her music, rooted in Flemish French Indie Pop, takes listeners on an emotional journey through the theme of growth, infused with her personal experiences and reflections. L’Artmatan captures the essence of atmospheric sounds in a vibrant pop style. The compositions not only serve as a soundtrack to personal milestones but also act as timeless reminders of cherished moments.

Soap is the output of writers duo David Bos and Iris van Dijk. With the sweet taste of sad melodies, they write catchy pop tunes about the struggles and achievements of modern twenty something year olds.

BLOOM is an energetic electro pop act from songwriter Sem Blom. With convincing vocals and dynamic hit songs, nobody is left behind. All insecurities about love, hate, jealousy, willpower and happiness are recurring themes. This is because BLOOM believes the only way to really touch an audience is by being authentic and honest. BLOOM is accompanied by Axel Limbeek and Ruben Alvarez Solano to bring the songs to life.