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Cinema Concerts: Acidic Male / Avvnt MM

Amsterdam Dance Event - Roffa Mon Amour x Operator x Go Short

Flores del Otro Patio (2022) / The Master (2015) / Hideous (2022)


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20:30 Doors 21:00 Cinema Concerts

Cinema Concerts are back! Initiated by Roffa Mon Amour, Operator has invited two live electronic acts - Acidic Male and Avvnt MM - to create a new live score for short films selected by Go Short International Film Festival. The program of this evening features two captivating live performances and a music video. 

Acidic Male  
Working as a visual artist and writer, Puck Schot once felt the need to express a more masculine voice within her poetry. Curious towards electronic music, she started making experiments around 2019 with noise, poetry on violence and distorted drum samples as Acidic Male. In that same year she started collaborating with RJM Vanderheyden as ‘Vot’ress’ as well, combining harsh noise with nature sounds and Shakespearean texts. Since then, she has been interested in industrial sounds, hypnotic drum patterns and experimental vocals. Having her performer name as a revenge title, she searches to “other” herself into the position of a manipulator, perpetrating the listener through the duality of softness and harshness within violent sounds and poetry. Yet, typically what is left is merely a penetration of herself as the subject, exposing her confessions, memories and hauntologies. She is simply ripping in two, in front of an audience. 

Flores del Otro Patio (2022) 
Colombia, Jorge Cadena, 15'
Set in the Colombian Caribbean, this short film follows a group of queer activists who use extravagant performative actions to fight together against the various social injustices that plague the region.

Avvnt MM 
Melancholic electronic music with a passion for ambient. Inspired by artist as Pharaoh Sanders, Arca and Cluster, Avvnt MM will evoke a multitude of emotions by combining euphonious harmony with harsh noise that could (or could not) drown you.

The Master (2015)
Estonia, Riho Unt, 18' 
A dog Popi and a monkey Huhuu are waiting for their Master to come home and one day he is just not coming any more… From this particular day their mutual life starts. Popi, being actually smarter and stronger capitulates in front of monkey’s whims symbolizing with it his obedience and submissiveness. On the other hand, Huhuu symbolizes licentiousness and silliness.

Oliver Sim: Hideous (2022)
UK, Yann Gonzalez, 22'
Musician Oliver Sim from The xx is the main guest of a talk-show that soon slides into a surreal journey of love, shame, and blood. A three-part musical short with songs from his new solo album 'Hideous Bastard' that explores growing up as a queer boy living with HIV.