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Clan Of Xymox

support: Silent Runners


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19.30 Doors 20.00 Silent Runners 21.00 Clan Of Xymox

The Dutch darkwave band Clan of Xymox has made a profound impact worldwide by delving into the dark and intimate aspects of the genre. Clan of Xymox has consistently integrated new sounds into their music while remaining true to the signature goth rock sound of the 1980s. BBC's John Peel even dubbed the band pioneers of darkwave!

With a discography that spans over 18 studio albums, Clan of Xymox has undeniably left a mark on the genre. However, their influence extends beyond the borders of the Netherlands. Their 1989 album 'Twist of Shadows' alone sold over 300,000 copies in the United States.

During the pandemic, singer and guitarist Ronny Moorings took the opportunity to write a wealth of new material. This new work remains faithful to the dark and intimate atmosphere for which the band is renowned. The band continues to masterfully explore the characteristic sound of darkwave, ensuring their international success endures.

Support: Silent Runners

Opening the evening will be the Amsterdam-based band Silent Runners. With their dark synths and influences from postpunk, they guarantee energetic live performances that are both captivating and hypnotic. By incorporating minimalist guitars, deep basslines, and powerful drum rhythms, they create an almost krautrock-like drive enriched with classic synthesizers and a potent vocal delivery.