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Hot Water Music

30-year anniversary

support: Quicksand / As Friends Rust


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Posthardcore-band Hot Water Music is - despite two short breaks and a rotation of bandmembers - celebrating its thirty year anniversairy in 2024! The band from Gainesville, Florida has always been much appreciated within the punk-scene, so luckily the break-ups in between never lasted very long. Even though they went through some changes and worked on other projects in the mean time, the band never went far away from their authentic self, and kept their powerful sound throughout their entire career. Since 2008, the band has been performing more frequently and even played a show back in October of 2022 at Melkweg. If you missed out on this fantastic performance, you will get another chance when they perfom again in November 2024!

Support: Quicksand / As Friends Rust

Tonight you get the ultimate package with Quicksand and As Friends Rust on the menu! New York-based Quicksand threw two influential records into the world in the 1990s. With a sound that hangs between Fugazi and Helmet, they have certainly built a cult status. Also featured is American melodic hardcore band As Friends Rust. Last year, members Damien Moyal, Joseph Simmons, James Glayat and Timothy Kirkpatrick, along with Against Me bassist Andrew Seward, released the seven-song new work ‘Any Joy’.