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19:00 Doors 20:00 Dardust

Dardust is Dario Faini - composer, producer and pianist. Dardust is the first Italian project of instrumental music that combines the minimal piano sound with the modern electronic world from Northern Europe. His stage name is an ironic tribute to Ziggy Stardust, the famously known alien played by David Bowie who inspired a still enduring space imaginary, as well as a tribute to the duo Dust Brothers (who became famous under the name The Chemical Brothers) and their debut album “Exit Planet Dust”.

Dardust is a mission that goes across the axis Berlin - Reykjavik - London and draws inspiration from these cities, basing a trilogy of records on them: The first step is Berlin, where the album “7” was recorded (Funkhaus Studios / 2015); the second album “Birth” was instead recorded in Reykjavik (Sundlaugin Studios / 2016). The third album “S.A.D. Storm and Drugs” was written and recorded beetwen London and Edinburgh. Dardust is a multidimensional live experience born from a fascinating and emotionally charged classical set mixed with captivating electro sounds and a wide range of spectacular visual effects. Don't miss out on this one!