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Support acts: Alisha Jasmine en Third Party


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The timetable will be listed here as soon as it is complete

DINA is organising an evening of soul, hip-hop and jazz for her graduation from the Haarlem Conservatory of Music. As support, she has brought hip-hop and funk band Third Party & soul singer Alisha Jasmine.

The main act of the evening is DINA! She uses multiple musical styles, such as jazz, soul and hip-hop, and sings about vulnerable topics with her clear voice. With her dancing melodies and unfiltered lyrics, her songs tell whole stories with music that floats through your ears.

One of supporting acts this evening is the eclectic band Third Party. Combining styles such as neo-soul, funk, hip-hop and jazz, they continue to explore new sounds and push their boundaries. With their undeniable talent and unique sound, the trio provides energetic performances and catchy tunes that leave the audience go wild!

Alisha Jasmine supports DINA as the second support of the evening. The R&B singer sings about her love for love, creating a strong community, and all things female. She is particularly inspired by singers Cleo Sol and Erykah Badu, who, like Alisha herself, share a high voice and low bass. Airy music with a beautiful message: you are loved!